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What is the diagnostic to look for to identify the 1914 Large S One Centavo variety? I've seen and compared Bill's PCGS certified coin, and I can detect no difference in the size of the mintmark. Am I missing something?

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Hello IloiloKano,

I like to fancy myself a variety aficianado, however, I have never found an "actual" 1914-S Large 'S'.  PCGS quit attributing this variety a while back.  I did some comparison between Bill's 1914-S Regular S and Large S and here is what I see.

1)  The 'S' is basically the same size, however, the Large 'S' looks to be higher.

2)  The date numbers look to be taller in the Large S variety.

3)  The 4 of 1914 looks to be wider in the Large S variety.

I have posted a side-by-side pic of Bill's coins for your comparison.  I personally don't believe there is an actual Large S variety of the 1914, but then again, this is the only example I have ever studied.

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