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Assuming both coins were graded by PCGS, would you rather have a top population common date coin or a low grade key date? This would be a tough choice but I think I would go with the key date.

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Why not both? If not key date!

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I suppose it would depend on two factors: a) which key date coin & b) how low grade?  If I could find a MS68 1944-S 1c and someone wanted $100 for it, and the same person had a VF20 1916-S for $200....  I guess I would be out $300, but if I had to choose, I would go with the MS68.  PCGS just doesn't give many coins grades above MS65, and you know you can always find a nicer key date.  Just my opinion. 

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I prefer key date coins vs. conditional rarities.  By definition, there is always high demand for the key date coins in every grade.  But if you want to eventually sell your super high grade common date coin, you will be dealing with a very select group of potential buyers.  I don't buy all of my coins with the intent to sell, but it's a factor I consider for sure.

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I also prefer key date, as if you noticed on Combined Population Reports (CPR)  on Lyman Allen's catalogue, not too many key date have been certified by these grading company. As for common date, high grade are more often ignored by many collectors because of its total mintage are quite high.

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