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US-Phil 50 Centavos Complete Listing

Welcome to Jetblack Coin Gallery! This site is one of the largest inventory of US-Phil certified coins available to all collectors.

If you are looking to build or collect US-Phil coins in high grades and certified by most respected third party grading company , you have found the right place. Enjoy viewing/browsing through the entire inventory of US-Phil certified coins listed by item#. If you need to see the close up photo of the item, simply click on the image of the slab. To get quote/price on the item you want, please contact me by email or using the CONTACT link on the side bar to the left of the page and provide all the information needed. Any particular date you are looking for, that is not listed here can also be inquired so I can help you find it. In any case, that you need additional photo of any items you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact me using the provided CONTACT link. Your email will be kept confidential and will not be distributed or use in any other form of transactions.

I am happy to offer a 60 day no interest layaway plan. The minimum order amount is $200, with a 1/3 down payment of the total amount due. The balance is to be paid out over the next 60 days. If additional time or a smaller down payment is needed, I will consider those on a case by case basis.  I offer a seven day return privilege on all certified coins.

**NOTE:** There is a 10% restocking fee on all returned or canceled layaways. Accepted payments are as follows personal check, Money order or cahiers check, and Paypal - subject to 3% additional charge.

US-Phil 1904-S 50 Centavos PCGS AU53 (Item#04133228) - Not Avail

US-Phil 1907-S 50 Centavos PCGS AU55 (Item#20660447) - $225.00


US-Phil 1907-S 50 Centavos PCGS MS62 (Item#10784308) - $750.00

US-Phil 1919-S 50 Centavos ANACS MS64 (Item#612861) - Not Avail

US-Phil 1917-S 50 Centavos PCGS MS62 (Item#14798400) - $700.00

US-Phil 1920 50 Centavos PCGS MS63 (Item#14530786) - Not Avail

US-Phil 1921 50 Centavos PCGS AU58 (Item#04133218) - $

  Total Mintage: 2,316,763               PCGS POP:

US-Phil 1921 50 Centavos ANACS AU58 (Item#34) - No Longer Avail

US-Phil 1921 50 Centavos PCGS MS63 (Item#14203833) - $200.00

US-Phil 1921 50 Centavos ICG MS64 (Item#2430440105) - Not Avail

US-Phil 1921 50 Centavos ICG MS63 (Item#35) - No Longer Available

US-Phil 1936-M 50 Centavos PCGS MS62 (Item#11903268) - $155.00

US-Phil 1936-M 50 Centavos PCGS MS62 (Item#49) - No longer Avail
US-Phil 1936-M 50 Centavos PCGS MS64 (Item#21921862) - Not Avail

US-Phil 1947-S 50 Centavos DDO Allen R1a PCGS MS65 (Item#19695810) - $


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